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The ILN, together with the National League for Nursing, is the voice of nursing education today.

The ILN works towards improving nursing education and practice by:

Providing a network for collaboration

Providing information regarding upcoming educational opportunities for nurse


Providing scholarships and grants annually to faculty and students

ILN News

Educational Agency Memberships now available to all nursing programs in Iowa. All full time and adjunct faculty

become ILN members for a year and have access to webinars and workshops.

Applications open now for 2023 Nurse Educator Scholarships and Professional Development Grant


Scholarship and Grant recipients 2022

Courtney M. Ott MSN, BS, RN  Briar Cliff University, Sioux City, IA

Faculty, Undergraduate Nursing Program 

Courtney’s DNP Project is titled The Utilization of Coping Techniques to Improve Stress and Anxiety Experienced by Undergraduate Nursing Students. As an educator, she has recognized that the effects of stress and anxiety can negatively impact the physical and mental health of undergraduate nursing students along with their social dynamics. Courtney’s project is focused on implementing interventions within the undergraduate nursing curricula to improve the well-being and academic success of students. She believes that assisting student nurses to understand and recognize the demands of their role is critical, along with learning how to use self-care tools, meditation, mindfulness, and reflective skills. 

Sandra Scholten FNP, RN Briar Cliff University Recently, I transitioned to a full-time teaching role at Briar Cliff University. The change in work setting and role has meant a change in the amount of CME reimbursement. I am applying for the ILN Professional Development Grant to pay for CME conferences this fall. I plan on attending the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) Conference virtually in September and the Iowa Nurse Practitioner Society (INPS) Conference in early November.INPS also connects students with practicing NPs for preceptorships. Teaching and lifelong learning are two things that I hold in high regard and as such I must continue to attend conferences, network, and pass on my knowledge to future NPs.

Upcoming workshops

 Exploring Health Care in Developing Countries: Mission Nursing in Guatemala

June 7, 2023, 3- 4 p.m.


1. Examine health data and disparities in Guatemala.

2. Discuss Adonai International’s approach to health care in rural Guatemala.

3. Outline the nursing student’s role in the overarching mission of Adonai International.

4. Discuss sustainability of the student role in the mission of Adonai International.

Abby Nieman, DNP, RN is currently an associate professor at Allen College where she teaches primarily in the undergraduate program. Abby has been a Registered Nurse in the state of Iowa since 2004 and was a Licensed Practical Nurse for two years before that. Abby has spent nearly her entire career in critical care (both adult and neonatal) but now moonlights as a PRN nurse in a local critical access hospital. Abby is passionate about community service and mission work which inspired her to link up with a local church to create the opportunity for nursing students to experience health care in the developing country. She has led students three times to Guatemala and has also been a team member on a surgical team in March 2023. 

Program Flyer and Registration

 August 2: Sarah Steele and Anna Weepie will do a webinar on Allen College’s NCLEX preparation program. Title pending.

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